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Strengthening Community Law Enforcement
This EU funded project will focus on sites in KAZA with high poaching pressure: the Silowana complex - bufferzone of Sioma Ngwezi National Park (SNNP) in Zambia, and the Chizarira - Sengwa complex in Zimbabwe.
The project will introduce conservation agriculture to 600 farmers  and effective community engagement in anti-poaching and law enforcement, contributing towards biodiversity conservation and reduction of illegal killing and trafficking of wildlife, especially elephants. 

The project strategy promotes long-term ecosystem management and livelihood approaches through a two pronged process being achieved by:
  1. Enabling small farmer households to small grain intensification through conservation agriculture, improving food security, increasing adaptive capacity to climate change and improve their household income. 
  2. Improving the effective participation of communities in anti-poaching and law enforcement in and around Chizarira National Park. 
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