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Complaints Resolution

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Complaints Resolution Process

WWF is committed to a “Speak up” culture, which allows people to safely raise concerns of inappropriate conduct by employees of WWF, its partners and people associated with WWF, without fear of reprisals. 

What is Inappropriate Conduct, or Misconduct? 
Inappropriate conduct, or misconduct, includes a wide range of personal actions or behaviours at the workplace or in performing WWF duties, including but not limited to: discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, intimidation, verbal or physical assault, child abuse, abuse of power, theft, fraud, corruption including bribery, breach of personal data privacy and confidentiality, or other breaches of internal policy which create legal, financial or reputational risks to WWF, including negligence or lack of action by management which encourages such conduct. 

Whose Misconduct can you report? 
You should report misconduct of a WWF employee; employees of a WWF partner or implementing organization; or WWF board members, consultants, volunteers, and interns. In some cases, misconduct effected outside of WWF’s work or workplace, but which has a negative impact on WWF’s reputation, may also be reported. 

Who Can Report? 
A reporter can be a WWF employee, contracting party, volunteer, board member, or an external stakeholder or beneficiary of WWF activities. This may include members of a community who works with, or is impacted by, WWF activities. 
Anyone who is a victim of, or has witnessed WWF or a non-WWF person being victim of, inappropriate conduct by a WWF or contractual party’s employee should report their concerns. The problem may have occurred inside WWF offices or in the context of WWF’s activities (e.g., field site, meeting, etc). 

How Can People Safely Speak Up? 
People are encouraged to report here:
Internal WWF issues: https://report.whistleb.com/en/message/wwfinternal
Community Issues: https://report.whistleb.com/en/message/wwfcommunity