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About 49% of Zimbabwe's total land area of 390 000 km2 is under forests.
Forests are home to a wide range of fauna and flora that include 4 440 species of plants, 270 species of mammals, and 532 bird species. These biodiversity assets are found in all land categories-namely state, communal and private lands, to varying extents. 
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WWF Zimbabwe aims to support incentive based sustainable forestry and integrated landscape management.
  • Agricultural expansion;
  • Uncontrolled veldt fires;
  • Inadequate economic incentives for local communities;
  • Inadequacy of enabling legislation and its weak enforcement; and
  • Climate change. 

  • Capacitating relevant institutions and communities;
  • Value addition to and commercialization of timber and non-timber forest products and services;
  • Coordinated enforcement of relevant laws; and
  • Piloting and up scaling appropriate land management models.
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