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Combating Wildlife Crime in Sebungwe Region-KAZA
The five-year project that started in June 2017 is being implemented by WWF Zimbabwe in Chizarira National Park-Sengwa Complex, which is part of Sebungwe region in Binga District of Matabeleland North Province in Zimbabwe.
The project is part of the wider USAID funded program for Combating Wildlife Crime in Namibia and Kavango Zambezi (KAZA) Area, that seeks to counter growing threats from transnational wildlife crime to rhinos and elephants found in KAZA region. 
In Zimbabwe the project is being jointly implemented by Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) and WWF with partnerships from other stakeholders including Binga Rural District Council, Agritex, ALERT, Bhejane Trust, and National Parks Rescue.
The project promotes approaches that lead to decreased wildlife crime, with eventual promotion of cross-border movement and stabilised animal population in KAZA, through:
  1. Community Stewardship and Engagement in Combating Wildlife;
  2. Anti-Poaching and Surveillance Capacity and Collaboration;
  3. Investigations and Prosecutions and Heightened Awareness of The Seriousness of Wildlife Crime; and
  4. Applied Research to Understand the Dynamics of Wildlife Trafficking and Crime.
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