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Sustainable Bio-fuels Development Project

The WWF-Zimbabwe Country Office with financial support from the European Commission (EC) implemented a four and a half year bioenergy project  from 2011-2015 entitled, “Biofuels Policies and Practices for the Sustainable Socio-economic Development of Zimbabwe”. The project worked with communities in Mutoko and Mudzi districts in the Mid-Zambezi landscape. Partners and associates on the project included; Environment Africa, University of Zimbabwe, Department of Research and Specialist Services and the Ministry of Energy and Power Development.

Focal Areas
  • Climate Change
  • Sustainable livelihoods
  • Enhanced household energy security

  • Create an enabling policy environment for biofuels investments in Zimbabwe
  • Enhance the knowledge base on jatropha feedstock production, processing, utilization and marketing and
  • Promote community based jatropha feedstock production, processing, utilization and marketing

Project components

The project achieved the following under its components:

Developing a Comprehensive National Biofuels Policy and Strategy
Zimbabwe already had a National Energy Policy, which briefly touched on renewable energy but did not include much on biofuels. This project assisted the Government through a stakeholder participation process to develop a draft national biofuels policy for Zimbabwe. 

Facilitation research and development in Biofuels production
Jatropha is a predominantly wild plant that has little known about its genetics and agronomic characteristics. During this project on-farm and on-station research was carried out. The knowledge generated under the project supported production of Jatropha manual for Zimbabwe.

Facilitating community level production and utilization of biofuels
The project worked with farmers in Mutoko and Mudzi to realise more returns from jatropha through improved production techniques, value addition under centralized and de-centralized processing models for towards improved livelihoods.
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Extracting jatropha oil for soap making
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Women showing their products made from Jatropha oil
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