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KAZA Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCA) in Zimbabwe

	© Phillip Kuvawoga/WWF Zimbabwe
Elephants drinking water at Hwange National Park
© Phillip Kuvawoga/WWF Zimbabwe
This is a three-year project being implemented by WWF Zimbabwe in Hwange National Park (HNP) and buffer communities in Tsholotsho and Hwange Districts from July 2017 to May 2020.
The Project’s overall objective is to contribute to increased and sustainable biodiversity management in HNP and its buffer zones; and assist buffer communities to economically and substantially benefit from natural resources.  The project focuses on the following key areas:  
  • Reducing poaching incidents in HNP, 
  • Reduce Human Wildlife Conflict in Tsholotsho district, 
  • Promote conservation agriculture in two wards in Tsholotsho district, 
  • Develop a Private Public Community Partnership in community based tourism in Mabale, 
  • Enhance visibility of HNP