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Human Elephant Conflict mitigation project

The Human Elephant Mitigation Conflict project is working in the wildlife sub-corridor between Hwange National Park (NP) in Zimbabwe and the Makgadikgadi NP in Botswana. The area carries about twice its carrying capacity in terms of its elephant population. The elephants move up and down the corridor in search of food and water, among other things. This creates conflict between the communities that live there and elephants. 

The project is improving livelihoods through reducing Human wildlife Conflict (HWC) incidents and ensuring wildlife management in the buffer zone of Hwange National Park. The HWC project is being funded by the Miombo Eco-region programme and the Hwange Sanyati Biological corridor project. Research was conducted to get a deeper understanding of HWC and its dynamics. An array of HWC mitigation measures emerged that will be piloted in the wildlife corridor that was identified with communities located in selected wards of Tsholotsho District. The extent of HWC and the current mitigation measures and their effectiveness has also been assessed. 

Community capacity building includes;
1) Monitoring and recording HWC incidents and damage;
2) Skills and use on measures such as the Chilli Gun (Bomber) as a deterrent
3) Lessons learned being upscaled and implemented in other areas of Tsholotsho District


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