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Miombo Eco-region Strategy

Posted on 21 May 2015
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 It is extraordinarily rich in biodiversity and is home to over 65 million people. The Miombo Eco-region Conservation Strategy focuses on WWF’s conservation efforts within the Zambezi River Basin (ZRB) of the eco-region. It outlines responses to biodiversity conservation challenges, and at the same time, opportunities within the Basin and is informed by the ESARPO Strategic Plan of 2011 to 2015.

We are targeting only eight priority focal landscapes within the Basin to ensure synergy and coherence in our work within Southern Africa. The Strategy will guide our conservation delivery efforts by tackling key drivers to biodiversity loss and ensuring that the Basin and its associated ecological processes remain the life line for people and nature for generations to come.

The Strategy, led by the Miombo team, with ongoing support from relavant country offices and ESARPO, will succeed with the integral support of our many partners and communities with which we work.